Nowadays, with everything going digital, it's super important for schools to keep up. That's where ThinkWave comes in. I think ThinkWave is an all-in-one online system that helps schools manage everything smoothly. It's got everything from grade books for teachers to cool tools for online classes. What I really like about this ThinkWave is how it makes stuff like keeping track of who's doing what and talking to each other a whole lot easier, and it keeps all the school's info safe and sound. I am going to give you a complete Review Of ThinkWave and take a closer look at what ThinkWave offers, and how it's making life easier for schools in today's digital world.


ThinkWave: A cloud-based school management software, that enhances education through integrated teacher grade books and efficient distance learning solutions.

Key Features Of ThinkWave

  • Cloud-Based School Management: Offers secure, reliable, and anywhere access to school data.
  • Integrated Teacher Gradebooks: Simplifies tracking and assessment of student performance.
  • Distance Learning Tools: Facilitates remote education with easy assignment distribution and collection.
  • Custom Report Cards and Transcripts: Enables personalized and electronic report generation.
  • Advanced Communication System: Streamlines interaction among teachers, parents, and students.
  • Data Security and Reliability: Hosted on robust platforms ensuring data safety.

Benefits Of Using ThinkWave

  • Efficiency in Administration: Streamlines administrative tasks like enrollment, attendance, and scheduling.
  • Enhanced Communication: Facilitates clearer and quicker communication channels.
  • Remote Education Readiness: Offers tools for effective distance learning.
  • Customizable Reporting: Allows schools to tailor report cards and transcripts.
  • Data Security: Ensures the safety and privacy of school data.

Steps To Use It

Start with a Free Trial: Begin by creating a trial account where you can add students, teachers, and classes. This step allows users to familiarize themselves with the system's interface and functionalities.

Customization for Your School's Needs: After initial setup, schools can contact ThinkWave to further customize the system. Whether it's tweaking report card formats or adjusting grading scales, ThinkWave staff assist in tailoring the system to specific requirements.

Choose a Subscription Model: Once satisfied with the setup, schools can choose between monthly or annual subscription plans, keeping in mind that longer commitments offer more savings. All data entered during the trial phase is retained, ensuring a seamless transition.

What is in a School Management System with Integrated Teacher Gradebooks?

ThinkWave Review
  • Gradebook Integration: Teachers can record grades and attendance.
  • School Administration Tools: Manage schedules, student data, and more.
  • Customizable Grading Options: Adapt grading systems for different needs.

Steps To Use School Management System With Integrated Teacher GradeBooks?

Step 1: First you need to visit And the dashboard will appear to you. There you will see 2 options School Management System with Integrated Teacher Gradebooks and Free Gradebook. Click on “START YOUR SCHOOL”

ThinkWave Review Step 1

Step 2: Now you will land on this page where you will need to fill out this basic information like USER NAME, PASSWORD, AND EMAIL, before creating a cloud-based management system.

ThinkWave Review Step 2

Step 3: Once done with all this, You can see at the top it says ”Create a ThinkWave Account” where you have to enter about School, School Type, and Account Owner.

ThinkWave Review Step 3

Step 4: Now you go to “Setup Terms And Subterms”, in which you have to select Your Term Structure and Start and End Dates.

ThinkWave Review Step 4

After that, you need to set when your semesters will start and end and what quarters you select. Then click on “Continue”.

ThinkWave Review Step 4.1

Step 5: Now we will move forward and add details in New School Setup: Class and Grading, in which you need to add the Class( Maths, Science, or Reading 3rd Grade), Final grade for your school, and then for that Grade, Minimum percent, GPA value, GPA Honours.

ThinkWave Review Step 5

Step 6: In the Final Step you need to Add Some Initial Data, In which you need to add the assigned teacher to the particular subject and the full Name of the students who are going to attend this subject.

ThinkWave Review Step 6

What is a Free Gradebook?

Assignment Distribution and Collection: Streamline homework management.

Mass Email and Messaging: Communicate efficiently with students and parents.

Powerful Reporting: Generate insightful academic reports.

Pricing List Of ThinkWave

No of StudentsPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
1 to 15 Students$17/ Month$179/ Year
16 to 35 Students$32/ Month$329/ Year
36 to 60 Students$54/ Month$549/ Year
61 to 90 Students$76/ Month$769/ Year
91 to 130 Students$109/ Month$1099/ Year
131 to 180 Students$144/ Month$1449/ Year
181 to 240 Students$186/ Month$1869/ Year
241 to 320 Students$219/ Month$2199/ Year
321 to 420 Students$274/ Month$2749/ Year
421 to 550 Students$329/ Month$3299/ Year

Why Choose ThinkWave Student Management System?

  1. Distance Learning Capabilities: Ideal for current educational challenges.
  2. 24/7/365 Accessibility: Access from any internet-enabled device.
  3. Affordability: Cost-effective compared to in-house systems.

Pros and Cons Of ThinkWave


  • User-Friendly Interface: Many users appreciated the ease of use and intuitive design of the software.
  • Efficient Gradebook Management: The integrated teacher gradebooks for organizing assignments and grades were highly praised.
  • Effective Distance Learning Tools: Users found the distance learning capabilities, including assignment distribution and collection, very helpful.
  • Improved Communication: The advanced communication system for connecting teachers, students, and parents was well-received.
  • Customizable Reports: The ability to customize report cards and transcripts was seen as a significant advantage.
  • Access to Real-Time Data: Students and parents valued the ability to access grades 


  • Lack of Discipline System: Some users felt the need for an integrated discipline system to manage student behavior.
  • Complex Custom Grade Scaling: Customizing grade scales to fit specific educational systems was found to be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Limited Customer Support: There were complaints about inadequate customer support, particularly in response to email inquiries.
  • Technical Glitches: A few users mentioned technical issues, like difficulty in setting up certain grades or dealing with the software's alphabetizing of assignments.

What is Customer Reactions On ThinkWave

Overall Satisfaction: Many users expressed overall satisfaction with the software, citing its comprehensive features and ease of use.

Frustration with Customer Service: A significant number of users were frustrated with the lack of responsive customer support.

Appreciation for Specific Features: Features like real-time grade access, ease of lesson planning, and the software’s overall efficiency in handling school administration tasks were particularly appreciated.

Mixed Reactions to Value for Money: Some users found ThinkWave to be cost-effective, while others questioned the value for money, especially given the concerns with customer support.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can it consolidate reports from multiple teachers

Yes, for unified report cards.

Email functionality?

Yes, for efficient school-wide communication.

GPA Calculation?

Yes, it includes GPA computation tools.

School Logo Upload?

Custom branding options are available.

Data Hosting? 

Securely stored in encrypted, distributed data centers.

Data Download? 

Yes, schools can download their data.

Attendance and Grade Weighting? 

Supports attendance tracking and customizable grade weighting.

Different Grading for Different Classes? 

Yes, it allows varied grading systems.

Assignment Copy from Previous Years? 

Teachers can reuse past assignments.

Homework Submission? 

Students can submit homework online.

Contact Information

Phone: (866) 339 9283

Email: [email protected]

Address: P.O. Box 2418, Sebastopol, CA 95473

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