Hey there, fashion gurus, health enthusiasts, and lifestyle content writers! Are you looking to turn your love for fashion into a source of income? If yes, then we have exciting news for you: write for us!

At LifeCaution, we are an online platform that has amazing content on all subjects that are related to your daily life. From the latest news and trending stories to celebrity gossip and more, we cover it all. And that includes:

  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Workouts
  • Diet Plans
  • Weight loss tips and advice
  • Lifestyle

And now, we’re inviting you to join us as a guest writer!

Impacts of working with LifeCaution

So, what's in it for you? Well, for starters,

  • You get to inspire worldwide audiences about health, workouts, diet plans, weight loss, and lifestyle.
  • You can help people on their journey to lose weight and lead a healthy life.
  • You’ll also get the chance to flex your creative muscles and entertain readers with your wit and sense of humor.
  • You get to build your portfolio by having your articles published on our platform.
  • Don’t let this wonderful opportunity slip out of your hands; join us. Lifecaution looks forward to the value you’ll add to our platform!

    Write for Us: Fashion, Health, Lifestyle, Workouts, Diet Plans, Weight Loss-Related Topics

    LifeCaution is currently accepting guest posts on our platform, and we are looking for engaging and informative content related to our six main niches.

    Below is a list of topics that we would like to publish on our platform:


    You can write content on the latest fashion trends, how people can make the most of their wardrobe, or how they can accessorise with what they have.

    Basically, use your expertise to help people glam up!


    Share your insights on healthy living, disease prevention, and overall wellness.


    In this modern age, people are struggling to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. We intend to help our readers find the perfect balance in every aspect of their lives.

    From travel and entertainment to home decor and personal development, we welcome a wide range of lifestyle topics.


    We want you to write content about your effective workouts, training tips, and motivational advice.

    Diet Plans:

    The diet is often the most confusing component of a healthy lifestyle. And there is just too much chaos and information on the same.

    We want you to help our readers and educate them on the right nutrition and the trends in the industry.

    Weight Loss:

    We want to help our readers in their journey to lose weight with confidence, which can be a challenging and overwhelming process.

    Share your tips on healthy weight loss, meal planning, and exercise routines.

    Are you feeling excited after reading the above topics? We are sure you are. Now go on and submit your articles to LifeCaution and share your wealth of knowledge with people across the globe.

    But before you get started, there are a few guidelines we’d like you to follow.

    Write for US - Guidelines to Follow

    Word Count and Readability:

    Your blog post should be between 1000-1200 words long. Use shorter sentences and simpler words to ensure that the text is easy to read and understand. Keep the grade level at around 7th or 8th.


    The content you are submitting to us must be unique and human-generated. It can’t be copied and then rephrased from another writer's work or some other platform. It must be written by you, the author.


    Ensure that your blog post is grammatically correct and free of spelling and capitalization mistakes. These errors are not acceptable in any circumstance.

    SEO Principles:

    Your blog post should follow SEO principles. Use keywords with high search volumes to attract the targeted audience.

    Use proper H2 and H3 tags in the post, making it easier for the Google crawler to scan. It will help in ranking the article on Google's search engine results page.

    Previous Work:

    Send us your work samples before sending your blog posts to us. We prefer to take a look at the writer's portfolio that contains your published blog posts.

    Blog Tone:

    As we talk about fashion and lifestyle on our platform. We’d like you to keep the tone of your blog conversational and witty.

    Do not use any derogatory language or words that may offend the reader.


    Use statistics and facts in the blog post and provide links to them.

    This will make the content credible and show that you have researched respected studies and websites and are not claiming the information as your own.

    Text Modulation:

    Talk to the reader, not at them. It is important to keep your content engaging and interesting.

    And it shouldn't be boring and robotic text. It should be as if the author is speaking with the reader itself. It should have that flow and rhythm.


    While we welcome your creativity with words, we also encourage you to include relevant visuals in your post.

    The inclusion of images, infographics, or videos that support the content of your topic can make your blog post more engaging and visually appealing.

    Please ensure that the visuals you use are royalty-free or have the necessary permissions.


    It is a requirement that you make your articles easily read and understandable to the reader. That’s why we’d like you to follow a certain style that we prefer.

    Please use short paragraphs with subheadings to break up long pieces of text. So that the reader can just skim through the article and directly find the information he or she is looking for.


    The blog post can contain external links to relevant and reliable sources of information.

    Make sure that the links you are including in the articles are legit and add value to the readers' understanding of the subject.

    If you are including any affiliate links, please disclose them to us beforehand.


    Before submitting your blog post to us, please make sure to edit it thoroughly. Make sure it does not contain any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or sentence structure.

    It is preferred that you have someone else proofread your article to gain a reader's perspective and catch any errors.

    We are grateful for your work in writing for us, and we’ll get back to you with our feedback as soon as possible. Kindly have patience and be assured that we are in the process of reviewing your work.

    Now start writing and send us your best work at [email protected]. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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